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8 Ways to Stay Inspired as a Fashionista

  1. Read Magazines both old and new
    • I love to just scan through magazines I have laying around. I kind of hoard them honestly, you can ask my boyfriend! But going through magazines is a great way to get inspired. Seeing the different advertisements, colors, celebrity looks etc. keeps your mind thinking outside of the box. 
2.  Go Window Shopping
    • Literally. Just go to the mall and walk around. These stores spend a lot of time putting together visually appealing displays and store fronts. Lot's of times, the mannequins will have on great outfits that you wouldn't normally see yourself wearing, but be inspired by them!  And be inspired by this super nice picture of a mall in Dubai that I found on google. 
3.  Take a Trip to the Thrift Shop
    • *Ques Macklemoore*Thrift shops are filled with all kinds of colors, fabrics and textures.     Talking about vintage!

4.  Download the Vogue Collections App.
    • Look through all the Runway shows. If you're fashion obsessed like I am and totally in love with keeping up with the runways shows, this is your spot. You can look through EVERY. SINGLE. LOOK. EVER. So go ahead and binge scroll away my friends! 
5.  Pinterest
    • Obviously, because who's not inspired by Pinterest nowadays? Let's be real.   
6. Enjoy the View
    • Okay, okay so I'm not a super "out doorsy" person, but I do enjoy being outside...and what I mean by that is, not far from my apartment. I love to sit out on my balcony and take it all in. Here is my ideal view, aka me over looking a big city while blogging;)         
7.  Watch some Oldies, but Goodies
    • I'm talking about some of those classic movies from the 80's,90's and early 2000's. Be inspired by some of those effortlessly chic looks. After all, the 80's and 90's are back! Turn on some great ones listed below:
      • The Breakfast Club
      • 16 Candles
      • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
      • Clueless
      • Sex and the City
      • Legally Blonde  

8.  Watch some Straight Up Girly Shows and Movies
    • Ya know, just some feel-good and girly flicks! Personally I love binge watching shows like Gossip Girl (my recent obsession). But here is a list to name a few:
      • Desperate Housewives
      • Pretty Little Liars
      • Gossip Girl 

 Okay my fellow fashionistas! I hope this gave you a few ideas to stay inspired! Be sure to hit subscribe for more things like this to come!:)

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Disclaimer: These are not my photos and were found via Pinterest and Google.


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