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The Happiest Day of My Life

 Hey Friends!

I am SO deeply sorry! I promised this post to you all yesterday and didn't get it up in time! I am the absolute WORST. Seriously.. so sorry! But here I am now, ready to give you all the details :)

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you probably all know the news! But for those of you from Blog Lovin or Lookbook or where ever else...this is probably new to you.


Here it is!





For those of you that know me personally, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement from the computer! I have been anticipating this day for a long time and it has finally came!

So here is the back round info:

Let me just take a minute to tell you the power of prayer. Not to get all sappy on you, but to be real and genuine, I think you guys need to know that my future husband did not just wonder into my life. I prayed for him for a good while! So all my single ladies out there, just know that there is someone out there for you that God has hand picked just for you to spend your life with! They will be everything you have ever dreamed of and more. They will be everything you need and want in a spouse and make you feel happier than you could ever imagine! I PROMISE. Let my story be proof that God is real, prayer is real and having faith is the answer.

So, about a year or so before I met Zipruanna I had really been working on my faith. I started going to church and reading the Bible. I really started to find God for myself, not for anyone else and not because I had to. It was different then when I had to go to church growing up. It was out of curiosity and interest alone, not out of habit. It was great! I really learned a whole lot about God and my faith grew bigger and bigger

The more my faith grew, the happier I became. I rested in God's plan for my life and he seemed to shine through in all areas of my life. I had absolute and unwavering faith(still do). With that being, I found myself entirely happy and grateful to be alive! I felt literally nothing or no one could take that away from me. It was beautiful.

With this extreme happiness and faith field I had going on I started to add into my everyday prayer, "Lord I know that you have someone handpicked for me and I will trust your timing that he is going to step into my life at exactly the right time. I know he will be everything I have ever wanted in a man. Lord, I know you have it all planned out. Thank you."

Not only did I pray this, but I genuinely and wholeheartedly believed it. I was so single and so content because I KNEW that God had it all planned out! And GUESS WHAT???


Months later I met Zip. My future husband and he is everything I have ever wanted and more! I could write a book about what an amazing person he is and how deep my love is for him..but we will save that for later ;)

I hope this post really impacts you in some way, shape or form. I hope that whatever you are going through in life that you are inspired to find God, and deepen your faith. It is a REAL thing. I'm telling you guys!!

 Outfit details (after all this is a "fashion blog" lol sometimes I forget and get carried away, I know):

Top: Thrifted 
Jeans:Charlotte Russe
Sandals: Charlotte Russe

And, if you read this entire post, you're awesome<3

Much love to all of you and thank you for all of your kind words!!! I couldn't be happier.



-The Sparkle Expert

Side note:Please email me ( or comment below any feedback on this post! I would to hear your stories,thoughts or opinions! And I know what you're thinking, "that would be weird to email her about this" or "Well I don't really know her like that", no no no stop that! Its not weird. DO IT! I love your feedback:)


  1. Cena! My heart goes out to you. This was truly amazing to read! To be a witness of your faith and deep love for your future husband. I remember our very first conversation in the parking lot and we ended up talking for hours! Whenever we would work together, we would always have these long talks every time. Now you are getting married! You found the love of your life shortly after our CR days. Your faith amazes and inspires me. Keep doing what you're doing. And stay being an inspiration to others! Best wishes!

    1. Kharissa!

      You are so sweet! I am so glad you enjoyed this post❤️

      Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read through the whole thing ! I so so so glad you took something away from this!!

      I really appreciate your love and support

      If you ever need anything at all feel free to reach out!!

      Much much love Kharissa❤️


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