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About the Blog:

Let this page be an outlet of creativity, inspiration, real life situations, stories, advice and all things girly. Let fashion be the focus here, but not the whole story. This blog caters to millennials that have big dreams, big hearts and an unwavering love for fashion. Here I hope you feel inspired to be confident and to "never let the world dull your Sparkle!"

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    About me:

22 year old fashion blogger from Indianapolis with big dreams and a big heart to match it!

I started blogging back in High school, but relaunched recently this year in 2017.

I went to school for Fashion Retail and Management but realized I might want to pursue something different, yet here I am ...actively pursing fashion..again! I can't escape it, I love it!

I'm not a fashion "know it all", honestly I just love fashion (especially all things sparkly) and want to share that with the world!

I want to show a different side of fashion blogging and also show you guys that I am human with a genuine heart and desire to inspire people! There's more to me then my #ootd's! If you stay tuned you will see that in my posts. You'll see my silly, bold, sarcastic, yet loving self ..shine through in every post.

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Instagram: @cenatamer

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