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Lace Up Skirt

Sorry, I just could not come up with a catchy title this time. I know you guys loved my cheesy #PalmLife title from the other day, so I'm sorry to disappoint this time. However, this outfit, in my opinion definitely does not disappoint!

I know I totally switched it up on you guys with this outfit. I went from the most vibrant palm tree print to these neutrals..but hey that's just how I roll😆

That's one of the many reasons why I love fashion; you can dress however you want and switch it up whenever you want. I have soooo many different tastes in style, just depends on the day!

Outfit Details Skirt: Charlotte Russe Top:Rainbow Heels: Steve Madden Purse:Charlotte Russe
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How you like that title there? "Palm Life"... I thought it was pretty perfect considering its moderately cheesy and its pretty much the truth for me right now, that palm is life.

I told you guys via Instagram to expect more "tropical print" and I was not lying!

I partnered with Zaful on this post and I decided to go bold! I didn't want to pick out something boring that could be found at any other department store...I wanted to wear something that stood out! (see my previous blog post for reasons why here)

I was totally impressed with how this dress fit, surprisingly. It wasn't skin tight and it wasn't too"boxy" and I know you ladies know what I mean by that...😐 You want a dress that's not skin tight but definitely not equivalent to wearing a oversized pillion case 😂 Well I can assure you this dress is not one of them!

P.S. IT HAS POCKETS. REAL POCKETS. Not pretend pockets that we always have all over our clothes nowadays😒

You need this…

Feeling Tropical

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week and are feeling extra relaxed on this beautiful Sunday (Sunday's are my fave)! Sunday's I feel are a great day to sit down and do a little blog posting, so that is exactly what I'm doing!

So, before I jump right into the outfit, I wanted to give you guys a little idea of where my "brain's at" when it comes to fashion and my personal style this summer! With that being, here is a list of bullet points I'm living by lately (personal style points):

1. Be bold.

2. Play with colors and jump outside of my comfort zone.

3. Stand out.

4. Be trendy and enjoy it while it lasts.

5. Show people that having great style is affordable.

With all of those bullet points in mind, I have found myself trying bold patterns and new trends more and more now and I love it!

One trend that I have found myself indulging in lately is this Palm Leaf print! Literally, obsessed (heart eyes emoji). You will see this trend featured in more blog…

Festive with Floral

Guess what?! You guessed it, this is my SECOND blog post in TWO days! I'm on a roll! Don't worry, I'm as shocked as you are.

I'd like to take a moment to thank my fiancé for taking my pictures all the time, even when its totally inconvenient and annoying (you da bomb babe).

Slowly but surely I'm getting a little better at producing more consistent content for you guys and there is absolutely more to come! Lot's of fun things coming your way my beautiful followers!<3

The Outfit:

I decided I wasn't feeling the whole red, white and blue theme this year and to be quite honest I think it was because I did not plan ahead  to go along with the appropriate color scheme for the 4th and not to mention, I don't normally wear a lot of red, white and blue so I thought why should I waste my money?? So, I didn't!

Yes, I know..its very "unblogger-ish" of me to not do a typical Red,White & Blue patriotic post for the 4th, but to be honest I was fe…


Hey Everyone!



So I decided to just ball out and be different with this look! I know some of you are probably like "what in the world are those slipper things?" and some of you that follow celebrity fashion know these are all the rage right now!

BUT, I'm going to be honest, I was NOT sure about this trend..and to be honest its not even a trend, its a fad. The difference between a trend and a fad is a trend lasts longer. A fad comes and goes very quickly and I predict that's exactly whats going to happen with these fluffy slides! But hey, thats a-okay with me! Life is short so why not try the "fads" of the season and why not be bold?!!

I decided to pair these gems with an all denim look because I feel light wash denim and blush pink go hand and hand! And not to mention I am literally obsessed with blush pink.

Get you some pretty slides like mine at this link here:…

The Happiest Day of My Life

Hey Friends!

I am SO deeply sorry! I promised this post to you all yesterday and didn't get it up in time! I am the absolute WORST. Seriously.. so sorry! But here I am now, ready to give you allthe details :)

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you probably all know the news! But for those of you from Blog Lovin or Lookbook or where ever else...this is probably new to you.


Here it is!





For those of you that know me personally, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement from the computer! I have been anticipating this day for a long time and it has finally came!

So here is the back round info:

Let me just take a minute to tell you the power of prayer. Not to get all sappy on you, but to be real and genuine, I think you guys need to know that my future husband did not just wonder into my life. I prayed for him for a good while! So all my single ladies out there, just know…

How To: Blue & White Stripes Trend

This spring/summer its no secret that blue and white stripes are THE trend to try. You walk into almost any store and you'll see this pattern, whether it be on tops, pants, shorts and even skirts. I personally think this trend is stemming from the classic menswear pattern on business casual button ups and that definitely makes sense with the menswear touch we've seen hit the runways and streets these last few seasons. I had a feeling if this specific trend would become big, I absolutely imagined it in the summer! This blue screams summer and goes great with white, but I decided to switch it up and show you a different way to style the classic pattern. 
      Above you'll see I went classic and featured the pattern in its "natural habitat," on a classic button up! To give it a feminine feel and to accentuate my waist I tied it up and paired it with some hi-rise black jeans. Again, to spice it up I went glam and added sliver accessories to match my blinged ou…