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In today's world it's easy to feel hesitant about what you're going to leave the house in. With social media, pretty much anyone can make you the laughing stock of the entire internet if you choose to wear something out of the box. But I'm going to give you my opinion and why I stand by the quote "if you like it, wear it." 

First and foremost, life is too short to be concerned about others small minded opinions. It took me a long time to come to this realization. Very long. To be quite honest, growing up I ALWAYS cared what others thought of me. I never wanted anyone to think I looked stupid or different. I didn't want to stand out of the crowd. I wanted to blend in. I would be hesitant to try new trends because I thought people would make fun of me and I would choose not to in fear of their judgement. 

As I have gotten older, I've realized that those opinions don't matter as long as you are happy with yourself. If wearing something different and bold makes you happy, then do it. If you're passionate about fashion, like me, then have fun with it and dress however you want! 

 You have one life and everyday is a new day to express yourself and if dressing up for no reason makes you happy, then don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise and that goes for anything you're passionate about in life.

I always find myself worrying, "Am I going to be too dressed up?" Or "What is everyone else wearing?" And like I said, it has taken a VERY long time... but I've decided to stop pondering on these questions and just wear whatever I feel good in. Whatever I feel confident in. Whatever makes me happy and proud! 

I have always admired people that wear the most bold and "out there" outfits because they are so confident in their skin that they wear whatever they want and don't care about others opinions. It's beautiful honestly. People like that are beautiful to me and I admire their confidence. 

The world needs more people like that! More people that love themselves and love who they are so much that they won't let anyone tear them down. Especially strangers. 

That is someone that I aspire to be. And not only that, I aspire to be the person that builds other people up for being bold, for being different, for being fashionable for no reason! God calls us to love each other, not to tear each other down, especially on appearances. 

So, next time you see someone post something making fun of someone's outfit, someone's appearance or someone's anything I challenge you to flag it, unfollow it, report it, or delete it. Let's build each other up and let's stop hate on social media in general. It literally makes me sick and I hope that you feel the same way too. 

With that being said, "If you like it, then wear it." 

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for stopping by! 

With love, 
The Sparkle Expert 


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