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     For Easter this year I was planning on wearing a floral, pastel-colored dress (like expected for Easter), but due to a few technical difficulties I ended up wearing this gem I dug out of my closet! Not meaning to, I think I actually ended up channeling Jlo in this hot pink dress and I'm okay with it! I love Jlo's style, she always looks clean and polished and that is exactly what I was trying to go for with this look!

    For lunch with my boyfriends family, I threw over a tan cardigan to be a bit more modest (and maybe appear a little less dressed up). Either way I loved how this look turned out.

As far as shoes, I have been waiting for a reason to wear these bad boys and I thought why not for Easter (even though they're so bold)??  I failed to get a close up, but the detailing on these shoes is incredible😍 They're the most sparkly shoes I own and if you haven't noticed by the name, I'm OBSESSED  with  sparkles! Snagged these from Charlotte Russe about 3 years back..aka best decision of my life.

To add a bit more to the outfit, I added my go-to belt with shiny gold accents to make this look a little more "glam" and not to mention belts are my "thing"  to say the least. Not sure where I got this belt, but you can probably find one similar at H&M or Forever 21.

Wondering where I got this dress? Well I got it from the good ole thrift shop, so I'm not sure if you will be able to cop another one unfortunately! I know, crazy right?? It's in PERFECT condition! One of the many reasons why I love thrifting! Seriously, it's an addiction! But I could go on for days on why I'm an advocate of goodwill, thrift shops and consignment shops, but stay tuned because that's coming in another post😉.


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