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   So I know what you're thinking..I totally said that I was going to make a blog post featuring this outfit like 2 weeks ago and I know I absolutely suck for that.. but here I am now! Also, I really will be able to post more now that Zip (boyfriend) got us a MacBook (he's the best, love him). So bare with me as I work to produce new content for you guys! Like I said a few posts ago, its not exactly the easiest thing to take blog pictures everyday, but I will try my hardest to post more! 

  Side note: For anyone that has been reading my posts and has genuinely been interested, thank you so much!

   I really love writing these posts for you guys and talking about fashion and whatever else crosses my mind. I'm excited to share my life with you all and let you guys into my world! I hope you continue to stay along for the ride and watch as this blog grows and evolves. I have 
lots of great stuff in store and lots of things to share if you stay tuned!

As for the outfit!
  • Blazer: Charlotte Russe 
  • Tank Top: Rue 21
  • High Wasted Jeans: Charlotte Russe
  • Overt The Knee Boots: Charlotte Russe
  • Statement Necklace: Charming Charlie's
  • Watch: Charming Charlie's
Now, I'm gonna log off here and watch the playoffs and eat tacos with Zip. Till next time beautiful people!


Just kidding, but I am currently OBSESSED with Gossip Girl incase you guys are wondering. Highly suggest that you guys watch it if you're looking for a girly show:)

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