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 Guess what?! You guessed it, this is my SECOND blog post in TWO days! I'm on a roll! Don't worry, I'm as shocked as you are.

I'd like to take a moment to thank my fianc├ę for taking my pictures all the time, even when its totally inconvenient and annoying (you da bomb babe).

Slowly but surely I'm getting a little better at producing more consistent content for you guys and there is absolutely more to come! Lot's of fun things coming your way my beautiful followers!<3

The Outfit:

I decided I wasn't feeling the whole red, white and blue theme this year and to be quite honest I think it was because I did not plan ahead  to go along with the appropriate color scheme for the 4th and not to mention, I don't normally wear a lot of red, white and blue so I thought why should I waste my money?? So, I didn't!

Yes, I know..its very "unblogger-ish" of me to not do a typical Red,White & Blue patriotic post for the 4th, but to be honest I was feeling floral instead. So thats exactly what I did! I'm not like other bloggers, I'm a coooool blogger (super lame mean girls reference, sorry I had to).

I honestly threw this little number together in t-minus 15 minutes and headed out the door to a family event. I figured I better throw a jacket over incase I got cold (yes I'm ALWAYS cold even in 80 degree weather) but I loved how this look came together! Not to mention, I feel denim jackets are clutch to throw over dresses to make them a bit more casual.

And of course I had to throw a belt on, because let's be real, belts are my life. I love a cinched in waist with a bit of shine or sparkle;)

Denim Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Dress: Rainbow Shops (best store ever, so cheap so cute)
Belt: Forever 21 (like 4 years ago)
Shoes: Top Moda
Purse: Thrifted
Lip Color: Mabelline Matte Lip Color

What did you guys wear for the fourth??

Much love for you all, thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe<3

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