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So I decided to just ball out and be different with this look! I know some of you are probably like "what in the world are those slipper things?" and some of you that follow celebrity fashion know these are all the rage right now!

BUT, I'm going to be honest, I was NOT sure about this trend..and to be honest its not even a trend, its a fad. The difference between a trend and a fad is a trend lasts longer. A fad comes and goes very quickly and I predict that's exactly whats going to happen with these fluffy slides! But hey, thats a-okay with me! Life is short so why not try the "fads" of the season and why not be bold?!!

I decided to pair these gems with an all denim look because I feel light wash denim and blush pink go hand and hand! And not to mention I am literally obsessed with blush pink.

Get you some pretty slides like mine at this link here:

Til next time beautifil souls!

The Sparkle Expert

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