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How you like that title there? "Palm Life"... I thought it was pretty perfect considering its moderately cheesy and its pretty much the truth for me right now, that palm is life.

I told you guys via Instagram to expect more "tropical print" and I was not lying!

I partnered with Zaful on this post and I decided to go bold! I didn't want to pick out something boring that could be found at any other department store...I wanted to wear something that stood out! (see my previous blog post for reasons why here)

I was totally impressed with how this dress fit, surprisingly. It wasn't skin tight and it wasn't too"boxy" and I know you ladies know what I mean by that...😐 You want a dress that's not skin tight but definitely not equivalent to wearing a oversized pillion case 😂 Well I can assure you this dress is not one of them!

P.S. IT HAS POCKETS. REAL POCKETS. Not pretend pockets that we always have all over our clothes nowadays😒

You need this dress in your life if you're all about that #palmlife and #notapillowcaselife hahaha

How about them hashtags? 😉

But seriously was only $14.

Yep you read that right.


click here to know I'm not lying.

I'm all about those bargains people😁

Stay tuned for lots of really fun stuff to come:)

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